Day By Day

I’ve been me for 316 days. I’ve been on hormones for 124 days. My second therapy session is this Wednesday. My grandmother died this morning. It’s been 14 days since I’ve talked to my best friend, and yesterday she told me not to contact her. She needs space. This is the fourth week I’ve hosted the writing accountability meetings. Three of those weeks no one came. In May I set the goal to put on a one woman show about The Joker by October. I had my first improv show in over a year on 7/23, and my second show is on 8/20. I went on Facebook for the first time in months yesterday. I received sunburn on June 12th while talking to this friend who needs space while on a family road trip. My first accountability meeting was on December 16th, 2020. I’ve been publishing writing on my Medium account since February 1st 2018. I started writing my book on September 11th, 2018, while working at The Escape Game Chicago. I was fired from The Escape Game in October 2019. I watched Suicide Squad on January 12th 2021, then threw up in the bathroom because of how drunk I was. The next day, I had the idea for the Joker show. January 11th I had written in my journal the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number. A number I called Thursday July 22nd of this year. I had to postpone D&D last Monday because of my grandmother’s sickness. I’ll have to postpone tomorrow’s session because of her death. I may have a date on Tuesday. I graduated from college in May of 2016, and moved to Chicago in May of 2017. I’m waiting to hear when the funeral is. I’m waiting to hear from my friend again. I’m waiting for when I can feel like I’m making progress. The clock is counting up, from when I decide. I’m just taking it day by day dby day by day byda byda by day byd ady byd ay byda by day by day bydaay by day byda byda by day by day by da by day byda yb dayb ybdayb byd ayd byadby by day by day. What do you mean it’s August?


Girl with needs and fears

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