Hello! This is {{{}}} with my second Developer Update, and I’m very proud of the work so far. I posted my first piece one year ago today, and since then I’ve written 62 other pieces, including this one. However, I’ve hit a snag.

A big part of the inspiration for this project is the Thief game that came out in 2014. What’s troubling me now is the fact I can’t play it. My laptop is dying, and I have a replacement laptop that I can continue to work on that isn’t able to play Thief:2014. I’m Thiefless.

It’s a problem but not insurmountable. I’ll have to talk around the game a little more loosely, until I can find a way to reliably play it again. That means you can expect the project to drift slightly away from the topic at hand, while of course being related in some way to my experience with the game.

I’m excited for where this is going and I invite you all to join me. Feel free to contact me on Medium somehow if that’s a thing, or on Twitter.

And remember, a thief that learns to run away lives to steal another day.

Girl with needs and fears