The most expensive trinket that the Shady Merchant sells is the Worldslayer, a carving from coral marble. It costs 28,000 G. That is the equivalent of stealing 14,000 forks.

A friend of mine just put me in contact with a friend of his. She’s putting together a marketplace to sell her sketchbooks, and it’s been inspiring to see her make progress.

I’ve released 2 songs, out of a planned 100. That will conclude album 1 of 3.

The last piece I published here has 1,161 words, and Medium estimates that it’s a five minute read. It took me 28 days to write.

I joined Twitter in February of 2012. I am following 1,544 accounts. I am followed by 338 accounts.

On a quest from Hateno Village to Mount Hebra, I made sure to stop and collect arrows from the path up to Zora’s Domain.

64.3K people have donated to the gofundme Justice for Jacob Blake (as of 11:54pm, 8/27/2020) and have raised a total of $1,912,610.

Every time I play another game after having played Desperados 3 I find myself saving much more frequently.

I just reached Ascension 9 with the Defect in Slay the Spire on Wednesday!

For most nights this last week I’ve been streaming on Twitch my attempts to beat every level of every Nitrome game. There are 146 games, and many of them have 40 or 50 levels, each one harder than the last!

I’m up to 153 save files in Mankind Divided.

I’ve never been able to afford the Worldslayer, but one day I hope to be able to. Ooh look a fork!

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