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I’m crouching on a rooftop. Where am I?

Check Map {press (<!)}

I’m in … Clocktower Plaza.

Close Map {press (B)}

I’m crouching on a rooftop over a courtyard. Two guards patrol in an L pattern and one stands in the center, looking over the yard. I recognize the path down to the Crippled Burrick where Basso resides. Alright I know where I am. What am I doing?

Check Map {press (<!)}

Switch to Objectives and see “I stole the old book from the House of Blossoms” oh yeah “for a man named Orion” oh yeah “ - the so-called ‘voice of the people’. He thinks he can save this city. From some of the things I’ve seen, I’m not sure it’s worth saving. Regardless, the people regard Orion favourably, Basso included, and his followers, the Graven, are growing. Still, between the Baron, the gloom {ed: a plague}, and starvation, there’s not much choice.”

Wow, ok. But what am I doing?

Objective: Steal the bejeweled mask

Ok. Now that I can do.

Tip — Use your items.

Girl with needs and fears