Elias circumvented a small throng of people disinterestedly listening to a drunk man yell about politics and passed a strange man selling wares. He headed towards the hum of gossip, into the Crippled Burrick.

And he headed right out. His mom’s boss was in there. Taff! Elias knew if he was seen out of quarantine from the dock district he’d be in big trouble. Ah taff. As he was making his way back out of the alley, to Trickster knows where, he saw a grimy white bird fly down to a barred window in the corner of the wall and the vomitcobble. Most birds are black.

With a start, Elias saw that the bird was carrying a matchstick box! As he noticed this, the bird dived down into the grate. Running up to see where it went, Elias crouched and looked in the window to see the tops of two heads.

“Jenivere, what do ya got there? Let me see that you crazy bird.” An empty candle holder crashed to the ground. “Gimme! Hmm. Oh boy. The old church lady wants to see you. Needs to discuss the state of The City over chess. I don’t see the point…”

The man in a black hood snatched the matchbox. “I was asleep for a year, Basso. I see the point.”

FOOM! Jenivere just missed Elias’ face as she takes out of the grate and to the sky again. Elias half-stumbled. The man in black looked up at the grate, but saw no one.

Girl with needs and fears