Thief (2014): A New Beginning

Thief (2014) is a video game that is, more than anything, an example of an idea strangled by its scope. Eidos Montreal was a studio tasked with reviving a beloved franchise and appeasing the fans of the original games, while also modernizing the experience for newcomers. They attempted to tell the story of a thief, a thief in a contentious relationship with another thief; a thief that works for a man, a man that is fighting another man — men fighting about the direction of the city. That city is where the thief lives. This is a game meant to be hardcore and accessible, detailed and digestible, nostalgic and modern, customizable and heavily authored. Play how you like as you are ushered down a narrow path. It was probably doomed from the start.

I love Thief (2014) and in its honor I’ve begun a new project. I am going to write 2014 articles, essays, and pieces about Thief (2014), one for every year between Jesus’s birth and the birth of this troubled and uneven game. Now I know what you’re thinking. This sounds impossible and doomed to fail.

These writings will be at times both difficult and easy, both in-depth and sleek. It will be historical and predictive and highly dependent on your input. I have a lot to say, and I want you to be able to explore the meanings of the game with me.

I hope you’ll join me on this endeavor, and I’m excited to explore the back alleys and rooftops of Thief (2014) with your company.

Girl with needs and fears