Thief (2014): Where to Begin

Thief (2014): A New Beginning

“A Day in the Life”


Reload Save

It’s The End Of The World And I Feel Fine

A Day in the Life of a Guard

Up high no one can see me…



The Wrench


Found on the Side of a Bar

Eye Contact

Another Unsolved Case

Developer Update #1

I’m Getting Away With Something

Developer Update #2

Jupiter Ascending

The Man Who Gives You Wire

First of the Month

Blue on Blue

How to Write a Poem

Developer Update #3: What Do Games Have To Teach Us About Me?

Capuchin Pilferer

Prey (2017)


A Prayer for a Lockpick

Document: Caged Birds

Ector’s Emporium

Tone, Corrections, and The Gloom

Elias Baxter

The Crippled Burrick


Starting Over

Alien: Isolation

What I Like About Lists


5 AM


Developer Update #4

Day By Day

Signs of the Sojourner


Projection Into the Looking Glass

The City is Built on the Previous City




Girl with needs and fears

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May the Sunflower

May the Sunflower

Girl with needs and fears

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